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Kiings - Explain Myself


Nice one by Kiings, a duo from Milwaukee, sampling the vocals of Coco from Quadron. 

(Source: pop-lock)

new VIBES.

kiings x Rae Cassidy (San Fermin).


Kiings are a production duo from Milwaukee, and Rae Cassidy sings with Brooklyn chamber-pop collective San Fermin. Their minds have met, and the compassionate "Feel" is the result. It’s an anthem, but one that never sounds forced, and it pulses with a well-tempered serenity. This very lovely song is available to download via the Kiings’ Bandcamp. Via Best Fit.

All lurrve for the postage!


Kiings (feat. Rae Cassidy of San Fermin) - Feel

This was recorded in my studio, Burst HQ, a couple of weeks ago… the Kiings guys are legit talented, good people, keep on eye out (and your ears open) for them.

Photographer: Chris Siegel (facebook.com/crsiegel)

Model: Charmaine 

Photographer: Chris Siegel (facebook.com/crsiegel)

Model: Lex Allen

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